Bitdefender Security for ISA Servers

Bitdefender Security for ISA Servers allows organizations to protect their Microsoft® ISA Servers to block specific types of websites, scan downloaded files and email attachments from web email services.

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Bitdefender Security for ISA Servers


Many companies today have shared Internet access for all the employees. Organizations deploying Internet Gateway solutions such as Microsoft® Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server can consolidate Internet traffic by caching it for more efficient utilization of shared bandwidth. They can also benefit from a built-in firewall that provides additional security and access control to protect their internal networks.


However, the ISA Server’s default firewall technology and limited functionality does not fully protect against malicious code entering into company’s network. Malicious attacks can be tunneled through applications or embedded in Web content, quickly propagating through the network to impact workforce productivity, increase costs associated to malware incidents, and divert limited IT resources.

Web-based services pose many security threats, including:

  • User downloaded files from Websites infected with malicious code
  • Infected email or Spam attachments from online mail services
  • Uploading or downloading infected files via an internal or external service
  • Infections that propagate through a shared network drive

Bitdefender Security for ISA Servers

Bitdefender Security for ISA Servers allows organizations to protect their Microsoft® ISA Servers to block specific types of websites, scan downloaded files and email attachments from web email services. Ensuring compliance to corporate security policies becomes easier and companies will be able to maintain control of sensitive data that would otherwise leak from inside of the organization.


System Requirements

Bitdefender uses advanced integration methods for Microsoft® ISA Servers to ensure minimal system degradation and maximum operational performance.

Minimum System Requirements:

  • Windows Server 2003 with SP1, Windows Server 2003 R2
  • Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2
  • Microsoft ISA Server 2000/2004/2006 Standard Edition
  • Microsoft ISA Server 2004/2006 Enterprise Edition
  • Internet Explorer version 6.0 or higher


Bitdefender Security for Exchange Server

Bitdefender Security for ISA Servers scans traffic passing through the Internet Gateways. Downloaded files and email attachments from web email services are scanned and selected types of websites can be blocked. Scanning all the Internet Gateway traffic helps organizations to ensure compliance to security policies and prevent sensitive data from being distributed outside of the organization.


Bitdefender Security for ISA Servers protects against malicious code entering into company's infrastructure and increases productivity through rules for uploads to online applications;

  • Award winning virus detection, cleaning and quarantineScans file and web content ensuring real-time protection to minimize the risk of malware propagation throughout the network
  • Supports multiple filtering methods to limit access to specific types of website or control file uploads to online applications, like webmail services
  • Easy to manage keyword based website and FTP blacklists or white lists for safe websites

Bitdefender Security for ISA Servers has been optimized to Microsoft's ISA Servers to deliver high throughput and easy centralized management features;

  • Reduces administration workload by enabling centralized notification management through the integration of Bitdefender alerts with the ISA Server's Alerts Module
  • Supports ISA Server deployments configured as an array for high volume traffic environments when used for load balancing
  • Optimized and accelerated scanning process by integration with Microsoft's Firewall rules and Web caching through Microsoft’s Virus Scanning Interface (ISAPI)
  • Browser comforting technology for scanning and passing through large files in small blocks
  • Reports on virus activity, scanning statistics and Internet traffic volumes
  • Configurable actions for various events triggering email alerts or executing other actions
  • Allows remote management and configuration via a centralized management console

Bitdefender Security for ISA Servers provides scanning and filtering methodologies in multiple levels to detect malicious code to safeguard confidential information. The filters in clued Web (HTTP) Filter, FTP Upload/Download scanner, Content Filtering, Blacklist and White lists and Usage Policies.


Bitdefender Security for ISA Servers is just one element in a comprehensive suite of solutions providing end-to-end network protection from the gateway to the desktop. Bitdefender’s proactive, multi-platform products detect and stop viruses, spyware, adware and Trojan threats that can compromise your network integrity.


Bitdefender Security for ISA Servers

Bitdefender’s award-winning scan engines have been recognized by leading certification bodies, - including ICSA Labs, Virus Bulletin, and West Coast Labs - for their unmatched proactive antimalware protection. Bitdefender provides multiple levels of advanced protection.

Bitdefender Security for ISA Servers provides award winning virus detection,
management and reporting features to enable the sharing of information
safely throughout an organization.

Signature and Heuristic Detection

In addition to signature based detection, Bitdefender provides heuristic detection that emulates a virtual computer-within-a-computer, checking all files and code for malicious behavior. This technique produces fewer false positives and significantly higher detection rates for zero-day and unknown threats.

Web (HTTP) Traffic

Scanning engine detects viruses and malware in real-time when users are browsing websites, accessing web email services or other web based applications.

FTP Upload/Download

Scanning features detects viruses and malware in real-time whenever users are downloading or uploading files by using File Transfer Protocol (FTP).

Content Filtering

Content filtering allows for the detection of predefined information such as credit card or account information, report names, client databases, etc. from passing outside the company’s control. The Content Filtering applies customizable restrictions based on website or FTP server addresses, keywords and content size.

Blacklists and White list

For blocking websites based on keywords or listing known, safe websites.

Usage Polices

Enable flexible restrictions to be applied within the organization's network based on ranges of IP addresses, content types or protocols.

Automatic Updates

Bitdefender Security for ISA Servers offers intelligent updates once an hour with new virus definitions and restricted content database, ensuring your ISA Server deployment is current with the very latest threat protection.




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