Bitdefender File Server Security

Bitdefender Client Security enhances business productivity and reduces management and malware-related costs by enabling the centralized administration, protection and control of workstations inside companies’ networks.

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Bitdefender File Server Security

File servers are not just a network repository for the company's files. Unlike their name suggests, File Servers provide critical infrastructure services to ensure communication and interoperability between desktops, printers, and other resources found within the network.

System administrators can sometimes disregard best practices when problems arise - surfing the Internet from a critical server looking for system utilities or security tools to fix a critical issue, invariably infecting the server with unwanted spyware, adware, a Trojan or a virus. Worms can also propagate throughout the network and infect a Server without warning, and unless protected, the critical network services they provide will become unavailable to user community - greatly impacting the company's productivity.

Companies can protect their File Server deployments from attack by using Bitdefender's ability to scan for malicious code in files, maintain system integrity, help ensure compliance to corporate security policies and prevent sensitive data from being distributed outside of the organization.

Bitdefender Security for File Servers is a data security solution especially dedicated to Windows- based servers. Easy to install, configure and manage, it effectively offers world-class protection from viruses, spyware and rootkits, while lowering the burden of administrating a server software solution.

Key features:

  • Superior antivirus, antispyware and antirootkit protection for file traffic
  • Proactive heuristic protection against zero-day threats ensures unsurpassed response to threats
  • Optimized scanning delivers faster file access
  • Multithread scanning significantly reduces file scanning time
  • On-access and on-demand scanner actively secures file servers
  • Centralized management console compatibility eases administrative effort
  • 64 bit support.
Bitdefender File Server Security
  • any Windows machine (Intel or AMD) 32bit or 64 bit
  • Minimum Processor - Pentium II 300 MHz
  • 128 megabytes (MB) of RAM, 256 MB recommended
  • Minimum hard disk space - 100MB (installation only)
  • Windows 2000+SP4+Update Rollup 1 v.2, Windows 2003+SP1, Windows Server 2008, Internet Explorer 6

Note: for special scenarios, such as cluster servers, please consult the detailed product documentation

Increased Productivity
  • Scans and fingerprints "read-only" files just once during the same session and only re-scans them if there is a new session, an update or an infection in the system.
  • Provides lightning-fast secure file access, thanks to its advanced multithread scanning functionality
  • Optimizes the number of scan instances by automatically detecting the number of processors used
  • Provides a configurable scheduler for on-demand antivirus scans and update tasks
  • Notifies of performance scans and update tasks through its efficient alerts module
  • Increases the scanning speed because it allows preventing safe processes from being scanned
Safe Sharing of Files and Documents
  • Scans each accessed or copied file in real-time with no impact upon file server performance
  • Allows you to schedule on-demand antivirus scans or perform scan-now actions for enhanced file server safety
Increased Usability
  • Delivers elegant management functionality and allows fast access to the most common settings due to its friendly and intuitive MMC-based interface
  • Displays critical event information and provides a direct fix button in its newly added dashboard
  • Provides reports on solution activity through its robust monitoring system and statistics module
  • Offers customizable alerts for several event types: antivirus signature updates, product updates, on-demand scans and viruses detected
  • Backs up, restores and migrates the console settings easily
Centralized Management Support

Bitdefender Management Server allows centralized management for most Bitdefender business solutions installed on network computers, including Bitdefender Security for Mail Servers (only UNIX platforms are supported for centralized management). This type of integration allows you to use the Management Server console to get centralized access to:

  • Configuration settings for Bitdefender Security for Mail Servers
  • Critical event information such as update-related events, configuration warnings, license expiration
  • Easy-to-interpret statistics and reports based on the information received from Bitdefender Security for Mail Servers
Bitdefender Technologies

All Bitdefender solutions include B-HAVE, a patent pending technology which analyzes the behavior of potentially malicious codes inside a virtual computer, eliminating false positives and significantly increasing detection rates for new and unknown malware.

To better deal with new spam, the Bitdefender Lab has created NeuNet, a powerful antispam filter. Inside the Antispam Lab, NeuNet is pre-trained on a series of spam messages sthat it learns trecognize new spam by perceiving its similarities with the messages it has already examined.

Certified Antivirus Engines

Bitdefender’s award-winning scan engines featuring the B-HAVE technology have been recognized by leading certification bodies, including ICSA Labs, Virus Bulletin, West Coast Labs, for their unmatched proactive antimalware protection.


Advanced Update System

The Bitdefender Corporate Security components receive the latest updates and patches based on three configurable technologies: on-demand, scheduled and automatic.


Registered users benefit from free upgrades to any new version of the solution during the license period. Special pricing is always provided to our customers when they renew their license, making Bitdefender a long term cost effective solution.

Free 24/7 Professional Technical Support

Certified representatives provide Bitdefender business customers with free permanent support online, by telephone or e-mail. This is supplemented by an online database with answers to Frequently Asked Questions and fixes for common issues.




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